We work with businesses located in Albany, Corvallis, Lebanon, and other nearby communities to make metal recycling easy. Recycling your scrap metals with us is a great way to offset your operating costs and invest dollars into our local economy. If you are a business that regularly generates scrap here are some services we can offer you.

Online Dispatch Request Option

Request a pickup for your business (for registered dispatch customers only). New to Burcham’s? Please call us to register your business for dispatch service.

Recycling Containers

Ready to go! We can arrange to have various containers delivered and picked up at your location, or you can stop by and pick them up. Available container options may include barrels, bins ranging in size from 1 cubic yard to 50-yard roll-offs, and flatbed semi-trailers. You’ll need to have a forklift available on site for loading and unloading bins or barrels.

Timely Pick-ups

We respond promptly to your requests to pick up materials. In most cases we can drop off an empty bin while we pick up your full one.

Accurate Weights

We use certified scales to weigh your material and we provide you with an itemized receipt.

Your Payment

Paying you for your materials is our priority. Many types of material allow us to issue payment in as little as 2-3 business days.

Other Options

Businesses are welcome to deliver material directly to Burcham’s Metals and will receive payment according to current Oregon law. Visit our yard or contact us for details.

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