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1. Park

  • Please remember, for your safety, to wear closed-toe shoes.
  • Children must remain in the vehicle for their safety other than approved tours.
  • Pull in and park in our customer buying area. (See yard map.)
  • Our buying area can accommodate large trucks and vehicles towing trailers.

2. Unload

  • In accordance with state laws, please be prepared to present us with your current valid driver’s license or other government issued photo identification before unloading any materials.
  • Unload your recyclable metals into bins, barrels or on to pallets that we provide. We do not use cranes or magnets for unloading.
  • In some cases you can make the unloading process even easier by preloading your materials on to a pallet or in a barrel.
  • If you regularly recycle large volumes of similar metals or if you have a one-time big job, talk to us about bins or barrels that you can check out and return when you bring in your metals for recycling.

3. Weigh upscale

  • All weights are prominently displayed on digital readouts as well as recorded on our itemized payment voucher.
  • All of your metals are photo catalogued by our scale cameras as they are being weighed.
  • We do have access to a truck scale to deal quickly with select large loads of similar materials.

4. Pay out

  • You will receive itemized payment vouchers that show all of your weights and current prices for the metals you have recycled.
  • After moving your vehicle to our outer parking lot present your vouchers at our main office to complete your transaction. (See yard map.)
  • Vouchers for ferrous materials will be redeemed at our office immediately. For a load worth $100 or more you will be paid by check. Any loads worth less than $100 will be paid in cash. Limit one cash payout per customer, per day.
  • Vouchers for non-ferrous metals will be redeemed by check regardless of the amount and we are required by state law to hold your payment for three business days before sending it. The check will be mailed to the valid address you provide to us. Corporations and LLCs registered in Oregon are exempt from delayed payment for non-ferrous metals.

Special notes about in-yard buying

Size limits

If you have items longer than 17 ft or wider than 8ft, or a single item you believe to be heavier than 5000 lbs., please contact us before visiting the yard.

Bulky items that have little weight compared to their size such as barrels, large tanks or wire fencing have special preparation requirements. Please see our list of accepting guidelines or contact us before visiting the yard.